Hydrostasis Partners with Impact Biosystems

Female founders Bridget Hunter-Jones (Impact Biosystems) and Debbie K. Chen, PhD (Hydrostasis, Inc.), are teaming up in an upcoming study to track the effects of hydration on muscle health. These two start-ups are both SOSV/ HAX companies and were both selected as finalists at the NFL Players Association Pitch Day event in April 2022.  

“At Impact, we have numerous studies ongoing to better understand how the mechanical state of athletes’ muscles, measured by our muscle scanner, correlates with injuries, recovery, and their ability to perform. We know that hydration level is a crucial component of performance, but we have had difficulty measuring it in our subjects. Working with Hydrostasis has allowed us to repeatedly and reliably use hydration as a metric in our muscle studies.” – Bridget Hunter-Jones (Founder, CEO Impact Biosystems, Inc.)

“Hydrostasis team is excited to partner with Impact Biosystems because both teams are driven by the science and data of optimal performance. Our team is always interested in new quantitative measures of how hydration impacts the body. By partnering with Impact Biosystems, we are able to quantify the impact of proper hydration on the recovery of specific muscle groups, something that has never been studied using non-invasive, real-time measures before.” – Debbie Chen (Founder, CEO Hydrostasis, Inc.)  

“SOSV/HAX invested in both of these awesome companies independently. We were captivated by the mission of the founders to bring a new level of analysis to physiology. This collaboration is so exciting as it brings fresh insight to an area that has been under-explored by commercial companies.” - Duncan Turner (Managing Director at HAX and General Partner at SOSV

About Impact Biosystems

Impact Biosystems, Inc. has developed a unique muscle scanning technology, Pact Sense, which quantifies the mechanical state of muscles. Insights from the scanner allow athletes to perform better, reduce injuries, and recover faster. The Pact Sense mimics the trainer's touch by providing an objective measurement to athletes on their muscle readiness. Visit https://www.thepact.com/ or contact support@thepact.com for more information.

About Hydrostasis

Hydrostasis, Inc. provides personalized and actionable hydration monitoring technologies for consumer and clinical applications. Hydrostasis’ patented GecaTM sensors and proprietary algorithms are device agnostic and can be integrated into existing smart devices to provide continuous and preventive hydration information. Hydrostasis was selected as one of SOSV’s top 100 Human Health companies to watch. Visit https://lnkd.in/gxbBvFwA or contact info@hydrostasis.com for more information.

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