Hydrostasis, Inc. Announces Allowance of Hydration Monitor Patent

SAN DIEGO (Jan. 6, 2021)– San Diego-based Hydrostasis,Inc., creator of wearable hydration monitoring solutions, is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark office (USPTO)  found that the company’s tissue hydration monitor meets all requirements for the grant of a U.S. patent and has issued a Notice of Allowance of the company’s patent application covering the monitor.

The patent for US Application No. 16/395,148, expected to issue within the next three months, will secure the company’s exclusive right to use the claimed technology through at least April 2039, and will serve as the cornerstone of an intellectual property portfolio covering the company’s hydration monitoring solutions.

“The USPTO allowance of our patent application is a major milestone for Hydrostasis,Inc. and further confirms our leadership role in developing personalized and actionable hydration monitoring solutions,” says Hydrostasis Inc. Founder and CEO Debbie Chen. “Human hydration is complex. This important step will aid us in helping individuals, especially older adults and remotely-monitored patients, know their hydration levels and optimize their health.”

Hydrostasis,Inc. considers its intellectual property to be a key company asset and has institutedan IP program to optimize and build on the foundation of its technological and business innovations.

The 21allowed claims of the patent application cover the components of the company’s tissue hydration monitor as well as the method for using the device for the development of areal-time, personalized hydration solution. Corresponding patent applications have been filed in foreign countries to seek exclusive protection the company’s exclusive rights in key markets worldwide.

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