keep your community optimally hydrated and transform the way they understand their hydration needs
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Major Impacts of
We just developed a unique, affordable
robust and reliable solution for the industry
that saves tons of money, and also happens to be
environment and humans friendly
Decreased Exercise and Athletic Performance
Impairment of Cognitive Function and Mood
Increased Kidney Problems and UTI
Dizziness, Muscle Weakness, Risk of Falling
High Risk of Heart Disease, Low Blood Pressure
Device Partners
The Gecaᵀᴹ sensor design can be integrated into existing smart watch products to enable hydration monitoring by collecting optical changes in blood flow, lipids and water content.
actionable data
Shape healthy habits with real-time feedback on hydration status
Personalized Notifications
Users are notified before their hydration levels move above or below their optimal range
Keeping users
In The Blue
Users get visual indicators of their current hydration state
Device Partners
Hydrostasis is in the process of applying for a 510k FDA clearance. We are looking for clinical partners that are interested in licensing sensor design or white-labeled hydration sensors for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and telehealth platforms. We are particularly interested in improving the older adult market and aging in-place. Please contact us for more information.
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Hydrostasis works with smart device manufacturers in both consumer and clinical applications to enable hydration monitoring capabilities
Standard of Care
Hydrostasis aims to be the standard of care for hydration monitoring
Cross-Platform Data Sharing
Users can choose to share data with existing health tracking software
Real-time Feedback
Users can see in real-time how their habits impact their hydration status and learn healthy habits
Personalized Information
Aleriᵀᴹ data platform uses learning algorithms to better predict user unique hydration needs
Hydrostasis uses optical sensors to detect changes in hydration
Continuous or Daily Check-In
Users can choose how often they want to check their hydration status
Device Agnostic
Gecaᵀᴹ sensor design can be integrated into any smart device with optical sensor capabilities
Clinical Grade Accuracy
NIH-supported clinical validation studies are in progress to achieve FDA approval in the future
Preventive Notifications
Early notifications to keep users hydrated at home, decreasing catastrophic events and episodic care
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Hydrostasis is always looking for talented individuals that are passionate about hydration. Please contact us at with a cover letter and resume if you think you may be a good fit.
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