When we get older, our body doesn’t give us normal thirst signals. And that’s a problem because our bodies function better with the right amount of water, we sleep better, our  memories and mood are better, and medicines function better.

This is GECAᵀᴹ, the world's first hydration monitor that warns you to drink water before your body is desperate for it.

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Water helps our bodies feel better and work better.
Especially when we're older, being properly hydrated helps us:

Keep kidney problems at bay

Reduces dizziness
and fatigue

Sleep better at night

Improve memory and mood

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Developed by Scientists. Designed for our parents.

The team at Hydrostasis has been developing hydration technology since 2017. We've received 3 U.S. Patents for our sensor technology. We created Gecaᵀᴹ to solve an urgent problem that impacts all older adults.

On-going Monitoring

Gecaᵀᴹ uses exclusive optical sensor technology to detect changes for any age, any race

Real-time alerts

Gecaᵀᴹ users get notified when they need to drink water