Optimal hydration for peak performance

Optimal Hydration for Peak Performance


Hydrostasis is developing a personalized hydration monitoring system that provides athletes the freedom to sustain and evolve their bodies and minds.


We are utilizing scientific methodologies and leading technology to help athletes measure levels of hydration. By maintaining your optimum hydration range, Hydrostasis equips you with a unique performance edge.

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  • Sensors measure optimal hydration range based on each individual athlete's body composition

  • Advanced algorithms provides live plots of athlete's hydration

  • iOS and Android Mobile Applications notify athletes before dehydration symptoms impact performance

  • Cloud-based data storage keeps your information safe and secure 

  • A community of like-minded athletes keep you accountable and push you to train harder and achieve your goals



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Our team of scientist-athletes are doing research in the lab, in the gym, and on the road every day. We are road warriors, gym rats, face punchers and the like. We also love to build things and make things work.