When members of your facility are experiencing fewer negative events due to dehydration, it makes everybody’s life easier, improves your bottom line and raises your standard of care.

At Hydrostasis we know you want to be recognized as a leader in quality care. In order to do that, you need to incorporate wellness technology that will improve the day-to-day lives of your residents and staff. The problem is, you might not be aware of the latest billable wellness technology that’s available to you, which makes you feel like you’re not maximizing your facility’s potential. We understand your desire to be a conscientious, top-tier and profitable facility, which is why our team of experts and scientists are ready to bring hydration wellness monitoring to your fingertips.
Hydrated Residents | Improved Care | Reduced Hospital Readmittance Rates | Improved Metrics | Profit Growth | Happier Staff

Hydrostasis will work with your skilled nursing facility to integrate its hydration monitoring technology into your flow of care. We will show you how to create – or incorporate – a remote patient hydration monitoring system, and how to bill insurance accordingly.

Step 1: Book a meeting with our team

Step 2: Utilize hydration wellness monitoring to improve your residents’ health and grow your bottom line

Step 3: Be recognized as a leader in hydration & quality of care
So, let’s chat. And in the meantime, watch this video.

Stop missing out on opportunities to maximize your facility’s potential, and instead bring the power of hydration wellness monitoring to your residents and staff.

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