Our technology applies learning algorithms to better predict users’ unique hydration needs. Pairing our innovation with your hardware will arm individuals with hydration insights, resulting in a myriad of benefits from improved mood and cognitive function to better athletic performance.

At Hydrostasis we know you want to be a healthcare-forward wearables company. In order to do that, you need to incorporate the latest wellness innovation into your product line. The problem is, it’s difficult to do it in-house which makes you feel behind in your industry. We believe you deserve to partner with a wellness innovator who will keep you on the leading edge of the marketplace. We understand your drive to move from ideation to creation, which is why our team of experts and scientists are ready to pair our first-of-its-kind hydration wellness technology with the hungriest wearables leaders in the industry.
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So, let’s dive in. And in the meantime, read this white paper on our previous consumer study on healthy adults and watch this video. Stop worrying about falling behind, and instead lead the lineup of wellness innovators.

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