We want to test how reliable our device is in detecting changes in hydration state - both when drinking water and when losing water through exercise. For this, we want to invite adults to join us in testing our device so that we can be sure that we can accurately predict hydration in people from different walks of life.
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San Diego, CA
We are planning future pilot dates. Please sign up so we can reach out to you.
There will be one session over the space of roughly 3.5 hours, on a Saturday or Sunday with morning or afternoon options.

There will be 5 parts to the session:

1. Welcome and setup
You’ll get a hydration monitor to wear on your wrist and we’ll show you how the app looks for monitoring your hydration. We’ll also measure your weight and take a urine sample at the beginning to measure how hydrated you are.

2. Rest
Except for the ~45 minute workout portion, you can be seated and relaxing for most of the session - bring a book, ipad or some form of entertainment.

3. Hydrate!
After 30 minutes of resting, we’ll give you water to drink. There will be another rest period while the water absorbs and we’ll take your weight and urine once again, before exercise.

4. 45min Exercise
For the workout portion, there will be a live fitness instructor leading the class through a workout routine. Note that the goal of the exercise session is to measure your dehydration level. Except for the Hydrate part of the session, you will not be able to drink water or other liquids during the session.  If you think that you will not be able to do 45 minutes of exercise without drinking water, it may be best if you don’t participate.

5. Wrap-up
We’ll measure your weight and urine one last time and collect the devices. You’ll receive a gift card for your participation and will have an opportunity to ask questions.

Email Michelle at mhoogenhout@hydrostasis.com

You get to attend a free 45-minute group fitness class. You’ll also receive a $100 Amazon voucher afterwards as a thank you for completing the session. Your data will also be useful in helping us monitor hydration in the future without having to use invasive tests or uncomfortable procedures.

The sensor is safe to wear and there are no major risks involved in the research. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, such as during the exercises, you can withdraw from the study.

You need to be 18 or older to participate. Healthy adults with no history of chronic heart or kidney disease can participate.

Up to now, there has been no easy, reliable way of measuring how hydrated someone is without doing a blood test. The best non-invasive measure of hydration is by measuring someone’s change in weight (reflecting how much water you lost or gained) and urine concentration. Of course, with our device we aim to change this! To get to market, we need to show how accurate our device is compared with the current standards in hydration testing - weight and urine concentration.

Your data will be kept private and will not be shared with anyone outside the core team. Any results published from this study will use averages. Your individual information will not be shared.

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